shopify logoSHOPIFY

All of my eCommerce sites are built on Shopify. This is for one simple reason – they are the best at eCommerce. With a massive ecosystem of plug and play apps, you can get a beautiful website up with advanced technology through plugins in less than a day. Even if you don’t have any technical skills, you can get a store up pretty quick. If you are embarking on a side hustle, this is one of the best platforms because you can simply install one of their thousands of apps and make changes on the fly instead of having to go onto Upwork, find a developer and spend a bunch of money in hopes that it works. Shopify.com gives you a 14-day trial so check it out here.




longtail pro - logoLONG TAIL PRO

Keyword research is a vital part of making sure your idea will have enough demand on the internet to make you some cash. I’ve tried out several different platforms, but hands down the best one is Long Tail Pro. The beauty of using this software is that you can quickly go though all of the ideas in your head and see which ones will be easiest to rank for on Google and which ones have the internet demand to justify your investing in that idea. Take a look at Long Tail Pro here. If you have any questions about it, just hit me up – I am always happy to help. LT Pro is my #1 recommended SEO tool out there.




bluehost logoBLUE HOST

As far as hosting services go, there is none better than Blue Host. If you are looking to start a personal blog or content site – these are your guys. They offer one click WordPress hosting so it’s very easy to get your site up and running live. The other great thing about these folks is that the backend is very easy to navigate and their plans start super low so if you are just starting out – it’s nice and cheap. Customer support is also top notch, they have been over accommodating for me over the years of designing and developing websites. As I’ve tried countless hosts before, these guys are reliable and their platform works great for the entrepreneurial minded people out there. Check out Blue Host here.






sportsmans guide logoSPORTSMAN’S GUIDE

You already know that I get into the woods often. There are two places that are my go-to stores, the first being the Sportsman’s Guide. As a backcountry spot and stalk bow hunter I need lightweight gear, knowledgeable pros and a wide selection of gear to take along the journey. Whether I’m in three feet of Nebraska snow or on a fall time California hillside, all the gear that I have from the Sportsman’s Guide has held the test of time. The customer service here is awesome and believe me that’s important.




bass pro shops logoOUTDOOR WORLD BASS PRO

For bow hunting, you absolutely need a good pro shop. To get the proper parts and get your bow dialed in correctly, Bass Pro Shops is the place to go. The people that work at the local Bass Pro Bow Department are super knowledgeable and help you out no matter what. Even if you bought your bow from them a long time ago, they are more than willing to go above and beyond for their customers. For all those reasons, I recommend Outdoor World Bass Pro over them all.







Naked Protein is by far the best protein powder that I have ever had. If you’ve been training for a long time like I have, you already know that the vast majority of protein powders out there are filled with other bullshit, preservatives, food coloring etc. The reality is that there is no reason that any of those types of ingredients should be in there at all whatsoever. That said, if you are trying to be healthy – why would you eat a bunch of un-natural chemicals and additives in your supplements? Anywho, Naked Whey is tastes awesome and mixes really well, check them out at nakednutrition.com or click on the image.