#6: Farshad Tehrani – “Farghini” Bugattis, YouTube & Click Bait

The Nik Ingersoll Show Podcast



Farshad “Farghini” Tehrani (@farshadtehrani) is a YouTube phenom, car enthusiast and all around hilarious dude.


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Farshad is a YouTube celebrity appearing on the Salomondrin YouTube Channel. Farghini and Nik met doing an episode in a crazy banana car, which you can see down below! If you love cars of all kinds from Bugattis to Camrys, his channel is a great one to watch. On this episode, we chat about all kinds of things, hope you enjoy this episode!


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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3wS5gIpTUg[/embedyt]

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