Forbes : Barnana, How Three Friends Created A Multi-Million Dollar

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Forbes : Barnana, How Three Friends Created A Multi-Million Dollar Business Upcycling Bananas.

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I decided to take this Monday morning to brain vomit some random things I’ve learned over the last few years running my high growth snack startup? : Put in the hard work, acquire lots of skills, fail a bunch, take risks, don’t care about others’ perceptions, keep moving, do good things, make great products, never compromise on taste, keep your brand promise, don’t be scared, create meaningful jobs, make friends, over invest in design, brand rules all, be mindful of group think, manage escalation of commitment, grow as a human, keep your body healthy, treat your employees better than the market, take smart money from smart people, be ruthless on cash flow, be real, fuck the haters, hire culture=skill, get good at cap tables, employ tons of empathy, only work with A+ suppliers, own everything you do, learn what alignment is and optimize towards it over agreement, make friends, have fun, you’ll have high highs and low lows, pick your investors and advisors wisely, put in the hours, have relentless ownership over everything you do, brokers won’t deliver, you will need to make big sacrifices for your company to explode, PR is expensive, be generous, the higher you ascend the less people there are, give things away for free, amazon is powerful, brick and mortar retail is expensive, the cash turn around cycles suck, admire meritocracy, crush the competition, default aggressive, have a plan, lead, do something that adds to the overall human experience in a positive way & that’s all for today. @barnana

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